About Kofi & Deb

We love all things travel related. Kofi grew up in Africa, and I grew up in a trailer park, not knowing there was a great, big world to be conquered, but with a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach like I didn't belong in that little place.

Once we found each other, we never stayed in one place too long. We made a plan to visit one state every year for a week, so by the time we were married for 50 years, we would have visited every state. Even though we have jobs and houses, we're always renting cars and heading off for a weekend trip 

We've always wanted to share the places we've experienced, restaurants we've enjoyed, cars we've driven, even little things, like how the luggage we bought has held up, or tips in how to pack the smallest bag 10 minutes before you leave.

We love dzodzo (going). We hope you love it too!

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