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Umana Restaurant & Wine Bar

One of Kofi's cousins asked him why he was always wants to eat food other than the food from his country. But, when there is food like what we can eat at Umana, why WOULDN'T we eat all the food???

By all the food, I'll just quote what the menu states about the restaurant: "Umana "Meeting Place for all People" is the Capital District's top restaurant for international cuisine and flavors from around the world." Usually locally-sourced foods, the menu changes occasionally, but they include dishes from all over the world, and they are always deliciously prepared. Our favorite is the injera plate, the classic dish from Ethiopia, which is enough food for Kofi and I to share. We always ask for fish and lamb to be included and request an additional side of injera bread, which is a stretchy bread. Eaten with our hands, we enjoy every bite!

There are also many other foods to choose from, such as challah and mixed berry French toast, red curry fish tacos or chicken and red velvet waffles for Sunday brunch, our favorite Thai style calamari, channa masala or thyme & lime haddock bites for an appetizer, or classic Leaf Bowls or Egyptian lo mein for dinner.

You can also choose either the appetizer or full dinner portion of these wonderful jerk lamb lollipops. Kofi and I tried to figure out the special seasoning added to the jerk, but failed. We asked our waiter, and also the wife of the chef for the secret, but neither could tell us. We were told they simply call it "Christmas," which delighted us. Mackenzie, one of our favorite staff members told us that the staff were ordering so many of these lollipops that there weren't enough to feed the guests, so the staff is no longer allowed to order them. We agree: they are incredibly delicious, and if you are only stopping in for an appetizer, this is definitely a worthy choice!

There is always a nice selection of wine to choose from, as well as a beautiful selection of desserts, including sorbets, such as coconut served in a coconut shell or orange, served in a half orange. Presentation is key! My favorite is this beautiful bread pudding!

While enjoying your meal or wine, you get to enjoy Wednesday Words, when local poets contribute spoken poetry on the front stage. Fridays are set aside for local musicians to come and sing island music for all to enjoy. In the summer, when the doors are open, the music spills out onto the street, and passers-by enjoy the smooth rhythms that play. Everyone is always welcome, and the food is always amazing.

With all the wonderful food to enjoy in the world, is there any reason why we shouldn't enjoy places such as Umana Restaurant and Wine Bar?

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